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Updates in PSA Screening

Eugene K. Lee, MD - making sense of it all


Active Surveillance Risk Rises

Fourfold higher 15 year mortality risk


Intermediate and High-Risk Cancers Rise

Prostate cancers have risen since PSA screening guidlines were revised


NCCN Guidelines for Patients

Extensive info on prostate cancer and treatments options


Predication Tools - nomograms

Memorial Sloan Kettering insightful tools calculating survival percentages for pre-radical prostectomy, post-radical prostectomy, salvage radiation, male life expectancy, tumor volume and PSA doubling times.


KC - Health Resource Guide

Safety net health services in Kansas City


Benefit of radiation after prostatectomy

Genomic classifier score identifies risk of metastasis and benefit of adjuvant radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy


Drug combo suppresses late-stage tumors

Low doses of metformin, a widely used diabetes medication, and a gene inhibitor known as BI2536 can successfully halt the growth of late-stage prostate cancer tumors, a Purdue University finds.


MRI Improves Prostate Biopsy Accuracy

Prostate biopsies that combine MRI technology with ultrasound appear to give men better information regarding the seriousness of their cancer


Prostate Cancer and Smoking

Prostate cancer patients who smoke fare worse.


Questions to ask your doctors - pg 1

Questions to ask your doctors - pg 2

R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation has compiled list of questions to ask your doctor. 


Selenium and Prostate Cancer Mortality

Selenium supplementation may increase risk of prostate cancer mortality. 


Easier to detect with new type of MRI

Being able to predict tumor grade using non-invasive imaging could spare some patients for aggressive prostate surgery and allow them to be monitored with scans instead.


Penn-led study on radiation - Jan 2015

Older men with prostate cancer benefit from radiation plus hormone therapy


Swedish Cancer Institute - Jan 2015

Active Surveillance and Multiparametric MRI

Your PSA is "Undetectable" What does that mean?


Are We Closer to a Cancer Cure?

Current clinical trials with ipilimumab include people with cancers of the breast, lungs, cervix, prostate, head and neck, pancreas, kidneys, and blood.


Exercise for the Cancer Patient

In the majority of cancers regular exercise are indicated to improve muscle strength and endurance. Per Austral - Asian Journal of Cancer 


Diet that prevents cancer

Recommendations from the American Institute for cancer research


Positive surgical margins

Interesting paper from Harvard Medical School concerning radical prostatectomy


Physical Activity and Survival

Higher levels of physical activity were associated with reduced rates of prostate cancer-specific mortality.


Uncovering Cancer's Hiding Places

An ingenious new technique for finding where your prostate cancer is


You are not alone

Stories of other prostate cancer survivors


Comparing Treatment Results

2014 study of the current literature on prostate cancer treatment results


So Your PSA is high, What now?

Video from about new ways to be better informed


The Big Picture: PCa Remission

Dr. Snuffy Myers outlines the big picture of durable, complete prostate cancer remissions.


Prostate Cancer Infolink

List of prostate cancer education, support and advocacy sites


Prostate videos

web service dedicated to providing prostate cancer education through video materials


Prostate Cancer Foundation

Standard of care research infomration about latest science and developments


Prostate Cancer and nutrition

How do Enzymens work in the body?

Lycopene Benefits

Antioxidants and cancer prevention

Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious?




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