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​Welcome to our Q&A series:

  • Survivors ask away

  • Doctors gain insights from survivors

  • Partners learn more

  • Children & friends need help too etc...

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Episode 4
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Night at theK June 14th 2023 get your tickets

  • Which treatments allow for continued sexual function and what types of treatment prevent it?  What maintenance drugs allow for it vs prevent it?  

  • Are radiologist and/or urologist educated on penile rehab?

  • Has research been done to see if guys could benefit from an Angelina Jolene type of highest of risk preemptive more to skip the actual prostate cancer?

  • What makes a patient a candidate for brachytherapy?

  • What is the difference between iodine and palladium radioactive seeds?

  • Is weight training a solution to muscle lose from hormone therapy?

Episode 6
  • Diet tips for diabetic PCa guys

  • Lupron or alternatives

  • What is PSMA averse

  • If radiation worked how can it come back

  • Prostate App updates

  • Prostate night at the Royals

Episode 1
  • If a guys dad has prostate cancer when should he start getting checked?

  • If they spare one side of the nerves can you still get an erection?

  • Insider tips from survivors

  • Does radiation to the prostate increase your chances for developing colon cancer?

  • What do the numbers mean in the Gleason score?

Episode 2
  • What’s it like from a survivor perspective to get a clean PSMA scan?
  • Had radiation 6 months ago and still frequent nighttime potty trips. Will this end?

  • After surgery PSA hit .2, but PSMA not detecting.  Treat or wait till .4 when PSMA can spot it?

  • How long after starting proton treatment will orgasms go completely dry?

  • What happens to the “dead” prostate after proton treatment?

Episode 3
  • What did you wish you had asked your doctor prior to treatment, but didn’t know to ask?
    Long term hormone therapy patient seeking advice?

  • Is GAINSWAVE a proven ED treatment for PCa guys?

  • Is EMSELLA (pelvic floor stimulation) a proven incontinent treatment for PCa guys?

  • Does exercise trigger more testosterone which is bad for PCa guys?

  • Does having a vasectomy have anything to do with getting prostate cancer?

Episode 5
  • Common treatment methods | BPH | side effects | physical therapy | Q&A | Prostate Network

  • What are the most common treatment methods for different grades of prostate cancer?  Do they vary materially across various cancer centers?

  • If a guy has BPH and the size of his prostate reduces during prostate cancer treatment, should he worry it will increase in size again?

  • If a guy is having a hard time focusing after radiation in midst hormone treatment what should he do?

  • Who would benefit from physical therapy concerning prostate cancer treatment side effects and best should they seek such?

  • Can physical therapy help with the problem of urinary urgency/frequency that patients get after radiation?

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