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Prostate Cancer Screening

To Test of Not to Test? Pros, Cons, and the Promise of Genomics in PC

By Ellen Rice Tichich, MFA, MSN, RN-BC with insights from Steve Hentzen

Prostate Tracker Tool

Cancer Journey Foundations tool to advance early detection

AUA & SAR consensus on MRI Guided Biopsy

It's clearly better - insist upon it

December 2016

What to Expect During Your Prostate Exam

Avoiding this puts your health at risk

November 2016

Early Stage Prostate Cancer

A story on PSA screening that makes sense

July 2016

It's time for a new dialog about prostate cancer screening

Can we find a happy medium, whereby lives are saved but needless suffering avoided?

October 18 2016

Prostate Cancer Isn't Colorblind

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman"

July 27 2016

Number of Advanced Prostate Cancer Cases Soars: U.S. Study

Advanced PC increased 72% in USA in past decade

June 19 2016

TRUS-biopsy Inferior for PC Detection

MRI infused is superior

June 10 2016

CMS halts PSA quality measure

Advocacy for common sense leads to great win!

May 13 2016


New blood test to provide men more choice and control

Eurpoean scientist make breakthru

April 25 2016


Prolaris Testing

Want more than a PSA and Gleason score to make critical decisions?  Here is a great option!

March 2016


New Diagnostic Tools for Prostate Cancer

Holy grail is "liquid biopsy"

December 22 2015

Prostate cancer test is more reliable if done twice

unnecessary bipsies can be reduced by 60 per cent!!!

December 11 2015

Our response to the US Prevenative Service Task Force on PSA testing

Hope and pray with us that common sense prevails

November 20 2015

NCCN PC Early Detection

Extensive info on prostate cancer screening and treatments options

July 16 2015

Active Surveillance of PC Increasing in the U.S.

use of surveillnace for low-risk went from 7-1% in 2009 to 40% now

July 13 2015


Rate of new prostate cancer diagnoses drops

28% decline following USPSTF move against screening

July 6 2015


Dr. Samadi: New Study on Prostate Cancer is Alarming for Men

"This is a huge mistake"  "This is a curablee disease.  It's a silent killer.  There are no symptoms."

June 27 2015


PSA Testing for PC can be life-saving measure

USPTF PSA testing recommedation results are in, "first increase in PC death rates in over 20 years"

June 18 2015


Urine-based test improves on PSA for detecting PC

New test by University of Michigan has been verified to be more effective

May 18 2015


KCUC Introduces MRI Fusion Technology for Biopsies

Thank you KCUC!  Dramaticlly better ways for biopsies in Kansas City

May 17 2015


Aggressive prostate cancer biomarker identified

Discovery of unidentified biomarker that could affect the diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Apr 24 2015


Spare the Needle, Save the Prostate

More proof from Europe that PSA screening works

Mar 26 2015


Europe study shows PSA screening works

3 year reduction in mortality

Mar 21 2015


Bill in congress to reform US Preventive Service Task Force

Three largest urology associations support this legislation

Mar 6 2015


Inappropriate imaging in both breast and prostate cancer

inappropriate imaging is a regional issue

Mar 6 2015


Updates in PSA Screening

Eugene K. Lee, MD - making sense of it all

Mar 2 2015


Active Surveillance Risk Rises

Fourfold higher 15 year mortality risk

Feb 24 2015


Intermediate and High-Risk Cancers Rise

Prostate cancers have risen since PSA screening guidlines were revised

Feb 24 2015


MRI Improves Prostate Biopsy Accuracy

Prostate biopsies that combine MRI technology with ultrasound appear to give men better information regarding the seriousness of their cancer

Jan 27 2015


Uncovering Cancer's Hiding Places

An ingenious new technique for finding where your prostate cancer is

Jan 9 2015


Swedish Cancer Institute - Jan 2015

Active Surveillance and Multiparametric MRI
Your PSA is "Undetectable" What does that mean?

Jan 8 2015


Easier to detect with new type of MRI

Being able to predict tumor grade using non-invasive imaging could spare some patients for aggressive prostate surgery and allow them to be monitored with scans instead.

Jan 7 2015


NCCN Guidelines for Patients

Extensive info on prostate cancer screening and treatments options

Dec 31 2014


Men's health screening schedule

What men need to get checked and how often

Jan 8 2008


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