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Our board

Steve Hentzen

Steve Hentzen is our Chairman and a co-founder of the Prostate Network.

Steve has a special knack for guiding our group onto a trajectory of outreach through his networking skills both on a personal level and on a social media level.  Anyone who has met Steve know how enthusiastic and passionate he is a bout spreading the word about Prostate Cancer Awareness. 

Steve stays active by working out daily by running, cycling, and lifting weights.  He is widowed and has an 19-year old son.

He has worked as an application developer most recently, as part of a 28-year career in Information Technology, with roles in architecture, development, and identity management.  It’s no wonder that Steve has the skills to make social media a cornerstone of the Prostate Network's outreach program.  The computer science department at the University of Kansas prepared Steve well for his journey in Information Technology.

Steve is the co-chair of the Survivorship Workgroup for the Kansas Cancer Partnership and leads up the Prostate Cancer Workgroup for the Missouri Cancer Consortium.

Steve is also a member of the Patient Advisory Board at the University of Kansas Cancer Center where he volunteers his time and capabilities.

He is a nine-year prostate cancer survivor who had a radical prostatectomy at age 46 followed by IMRT radiation a year later.

Caesar Blevins

Caesar Blevins is a co-founder of and the Vice-Chairman of the Prostate Network.  His principal responsibilities are identifying opportunities for and extension of our community outreach programs.  Caesar is our eyes and ears in the community.  Without his networking skills the Prostate Network would not have nearly the community presence it has.  From community health fairs to all the other events we partner with, Caesar is front and center in getting things set up and operational.  He opens so many doors for our community outreach programs.

When not volunteering at a community event, Caesar can be found working at UPS, or working out at the City Gym, or attending church at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  Caesar has a rich family life that includes his girlfriend, his son, daughter-in-law, and their daughters aged 3 and 1.  He will tell you he is very blessed.

An area of Caesar’s life he is proud of is his time at Southwest High School in Kansas City where he was named a Parade All American at running back.  He also starred at Missouri State University at running back and even spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs running the football.

Caesar was treated with IMRT radiation and hormone therapy beginning in 2011 and is thriving today.

Charlie Vogt

Charles Vogt serves as Treasurer of the Board for the Prostate Network.  With the wealth of contacts in his circle of friends and associates, Charley opens up opportunities to spread the message of prostate health to men from many walks of life.  Never one to back off from an opportunity to help make someone’s life a little bit brighter, you can always find Charley in the thick of a group of prostate cancer survivors giving encouragement and support to those who need it the most.  Of all the members of the board, Charley is the most involved in the community at large.

Charley has been active in numerous communities in his long, vibrant career.  From his beginnings as a Vista-Peace Corps volunteer in Butler, MO to his stint as the Assistant City Manager in Atchison, KS, to his duties as the City Administrator in Haysville, KS, and his time as the City Manager in El Reno, OK, onward to Little Rock, AR, and Frito Lay as an Operations Manager, Charley laid the groundwork for his role as economic development specialist at three places.  He most recently served as the Economic Development Director for the Olathe, KS Chamber, the Executive Director of the Shawnee, KS Chamber and is currently the Senior Vice President of Business Development of the Shawnee, KS branch of the Country Club Bank.  All these career posts offered Charley jumping off points to deep levels of community involvement wherever he was living.   There are just too many charitable causes that know Charley’s guiding hand to name here, but know that Charley always adds value to every endeavor in which he participates.  

Charley stays active by walking 30 minutes per day.  His family includes his wife, Valerie, since 1983, and two grown kids.  On Sunday mornings you can find Charley worshiping with his family at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

One charity that is dear to Charley is the Shawnee Rotary, which allows him to participate in international service projects like providing medical supplies to a rural health clinic in Kenya; as well as clothes and food to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau.  He also loves his time with the National Ag Hall of Fame where he serves as Board Member and Treasurer He just recently finished a term as a Board member for the Kansas City, Kansas Community College Foundation and Scholarship endowment. He plays Charley Claus for numerous charitable organizations bringing smiles (and an occasional tear) to hundreds of kids each year.


Charley was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in December of 2013, just days before he played Santa for more than 300 of his bank associates at Country Club Bank and their families. He had a radical prostatectomy followed by IMRT radiation and hormone treatment in February 2014 @ the KU Medical Cancer Center and is “doing quite well today, thank you for asking.” As of this winter, his PSA tests continue to come back “undetectable”, his favorite word these days.


His favorite outreach educational effort was working a Prostate Network booth at the Westport Art Fair this past fall and sharing the facts about prostate cancer, testing and treatment to many who stopped by, including a local donut shop (Donut Lounge in Westport) which dedicated part of its unique bacon and maple donut sales to the local prostate cancer awareness efforts. The whole experience left a “great taste” in all our mouths. 

Vangie Rich

Vangie Rich, executive director of the Bloch Cancer Foundation/Bloch Cancer Hotline, has a mission to help people who receive a diagnosis of cancer.  During her twenty years at the Bloch Foundation she has spoken to groups throughout the Kansas City area about all aspects of cancer.  She serves on the boards of Cancer Action and the Prostate Network.  In past years she served on the board of the Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer and has helped organize many cancer related activities.  For seven years, she was the assistant to the Dean of Grace Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and the cathedral administrator.

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