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Understanding Advanced Prostate Cancer

A quick guide to your disease and information you need to know

Drug repurposing to treat PCa study

How does it work

Laser focal therapy study

1% ED & 1% incontrante rates!

Personal Patient Profile - Prostate

This site allows you to build a profile by answering questions, then view personalized information about prostate cancer care options. It will help you understand your options, talk to your doctor, and make the best decision for you.

5 Stages of Prostate Caner

By Prostate Cancer Research Institute

May 2019

Combined therapy provides significant benefit

Reduce recurrence

Oct 2018

Hormone therapy increases risk of Alzheimer's

1.84 time more likely to develop Alzheimer's

Mar 2017

Emotional distress may lead to more aggressive treatment

Distress level predicted created likelihood of choosing surgery over active surveillance

Jan 13 2017

Prostate cancer laser treatment 'truly transformative'


Dec 20 2016

Treating Localized Prostate Cancer: A Review of Research for Adults

Tratamiento del cáncer de próstata localizado:

US Department of Health & Human Services


NCCN Guidelines For Patients

Prostate Cancer


Treatment Choices for Men With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

National Cancer Institute

July 9 2016

MRI-guided focal photothermal therapy

conclusion - effective and safe approach

May 16 2016

Survival rates for PC better with surgery vs radiotherapy

most comprehensive study to-date

December 18 2015


Study: Chemo doesn't help end-stage cancer patients

no evidence that chemo improved patients' quality of life

July 23 2015


Five Essential Things to Know if You are Diagnosed with Cancer

Ground breaking author on cancer, John Leifer breaking it down for you

July 6 2015


Award-winning agent developed for PC diagnosis and treatment

PSMA is an ideal target for diagnostic purposes as well as targeted therapies

June 23 2015


Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation

Goal is to help people make better decisions about localized PC treatments

May 27 2015


Radiation Plus Hormone May Help Some Patients

Study showed 50% reduction in 5 year death rates from a combined treatment approach

May 14 2015


Project Data Sphere

Non-profit initiative leveraging cancer research where you can get and analyze the data

May 11 2015


Prostate Cancer Recovery Survey

Intriguing survey results from survivors on many aspects of prostate cancer

May 11 2015


Radiotherapy may prolong PC survival

low-dose-rate prostate brachytherapy may improve survival for patients with PC

May 3 2015


PC Treatment with New Injectable Gel

New way to lower side effects of radiation has been used 

Apr 26 2015


Initial therapy for casteration sensitive metastic PC

Very technical and extensive document including treatment recomendations

Apr 24 2015


Three-Pronged Approach by "Dr. Bob" Leibowitz

Excellent break-down of the data on different treatment types and the results.  Insights to new scanning technology such as F-18 Bone Scan's and Choline C-11 PET scan.  Insights on Firmagon vs Lupron.  New drugs XL-184.  Statins and PC.  Very insightful video!

Apr 21 2015


New Paradigm for a Rising PSA

Targeted biopsies and importance to do more than just treat prostate cancer

Apr 7 2015


'THE BIG C' is big business in KC area

Mike Sheery breaking down cancer center options in Kansas City

Apr 3 2015


PROSTVAC cancer immunotherapy

Cancer therapy is being revolutionized by the emergence of immunotherapis

Mar 4 2015


Benefit of radiation after prostatectomy

Genomic classifier score identifies risk of metastasis and benefit of adjuvant radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy

Feb 18 2015


Predication Tools - nomograms

Memorial Sloan Kettering insightful tools calculating survival percentages for pre-radical prostectomy, post-radical prostectomy, salvage radiation, male life expectancy, tumor volume and PSA doubling times.

Feb 1 2015


Drug combo suppresses late-stage tumors

Low doses of metformin, a widely used diabetes medication, and a gene inhibitor known as BI2536 can successfully halt the growth of late-stage prostate cancer tumors, a Purdue University finds.

Jan 29 2015


Penn-led study on radiation - Jan 2015

Older men with prostate cancer benefit from radiation plus hormone therapy

Jan 7 2015


Comparing Treatment Results

2014 study of the current literature on prostate cancer treatment results

Dec 15 2014


Are We Closer to a Cancer Cure?

Current clinical trials with ipilimumab include people with cancers of the breast, lungs, cervix, prostate, head and neck, pancreas, kidneys, and blood.

Dec 1 2014


The Big Picture: PCa Remission

Dr. Snuffy Myers outlines the big picture of durable, complete prostate cancer remissions.

Oct 23 2014


So Your PSA is high, What now?

Video from about new ways to be better informed

Oct 22 2014


Positive surgical margins

Interesting paper from Harvard Medical School concerning radical prostatectomy

Apr 1 2011

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