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Prostate Cancer Support


Monthly meetings

We invite all prostate cancer survivors, their partners and those helping in the fight to join us

How to Respond and Ways to Support Someone

By Gilda's Club KC

How to Support a Parent with Cancer

By Kathybeth Dee

Coping with Cancer

10 Steps Towards Emotional Well-Being

Confronting a Terminal Diagnosis as a Family

Facing a terminal illness in a loved one?  Build a team

When Cancer Disappears

Study of unexpected survivors - findings include receiving positive support during their cancer experience

June 19 2015


You are not alone

Stories of other prostate cancer survivors

Mar 6 2015


Prostate videos

web service dedicated to providing prostate cancer education through video materials

Feb 21 2015


Prevention and management of depression

Depression is know to be associated with advanced physical illnesse and high symptom burdon, including cancer.

Feb 19 2015


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