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Nutrition and Prostate Cancer

Scientists Don't Agree on the Cause of Obesity - Does It Matter?

With obesity the leading cause of cancer let's look to science and this is the perfect read on it!

April 6 2020

Could low carb diet improve PSA levels

Results showing decreases in PSA!

April 6 2020

Nutrition for Prostate Cancer

By Tamra Thole, RD, LD; Elite Physical Therapy and Integrative Health

October 18 2017

Lifestyle interventions to improve the quality of life 

Systematic review of randomized controlled trials

October 18 2016

Being overweight & large waistline increases risk of PC

every 4" increase raises fatal risk by 18%

June 1  2016

Anti-cholesterol drugs show promise in fight against prostate cancer

deat rates 43% lower among those who happened to be takign the drugs

April 18 2016


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: Cancer Fighter?

Not only does it taste good, but the olive oil may help fight prostate cancer

November 15 2015


Processed meats cause cancer

World Health Organization announced bacon, sausage and other processed meats cause cancer

October 26 2015


Nutrition & Prostate Cancer

Lydia Kaume, PH.D., RDN. LD  Regional Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension

August 25 2015


5 Reasons Why a Plant-Based Diet Can Help Prevent Cancer

Researchers explain how and what you need to know

July 27 2015


Which Diet Confers the Most Benefit in PC?

Diet matters!  Mediterranean diet seems to be the best

July 2 2015


Metformin and Statins for Prostate Cancer

The China Study showed increased animal protein intake and cancer

May 13 2015


Sugar and cancer

Important discovery and hopefully step close to a cure

Mar 23 2015


Carrageenan and cancer

Is it a carcinogin?

Mar 19 2015


Carrageenan is in organic foods

Specific info on how to avoid this carcinogin

Mar 19 2015


Awarness of preventable health problems

Encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys

Mar 6 2015


Cancer Fighting Foods

Recommendations from HyVee nutrition experts

Mar 6 2015


How do Enzymens work in the body?

Without enzymes, your body would be unable to process all the needed chemical reactions

Mar 6 2015


Selenium and Prostate Cancer Mortality

Selenium supplementation may increase risk of prostate cancer mortality. 

Jan 16 2015


Diet that prevents cancer

Recommendations from the American Institute for cancer research

Jan 3 2015


Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious?

Discover the real difference when it comes to nutrion, saftey and price

Jun 9 2014


Antioxidants and cancer prevention

What are free radicals and do to they play a roled in cancer development

Jan 16 2014


Lycopene Benefits

Lycopene is an antioxident and may prevent tumor growth

Feb 3 2011

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