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#Moonshot #WeServer @ Gilda's Club KC

July 4, 2016

Prostate Network's Steve Hentzen helped facilitate Kansas City #Moonshot event #StrongerTogether



Thank you 

@GildasClubKC @ProstateNetwork @smmckc @MidwestCancer @komenkansascity @HeadfortheCure @ElementsACM @fox4kc @JoeBidden

For all the wonderful contributions and inspiring ideas!


We present to you our top 5 categories of ideas!


Supporting Preventative Health Behaviors:

  • General population is not educated about cancer and the impact of lifestyle choices; they have fewer and limited options, less access to healthy food. More availability to poor choices, fast food, liquor and cigarettes are easy to get

  • General population is not aware that a large percentage of cancers are due to lifestyle choices and it is not easy for people to make healthy choices

  • Educating younger generations, teach kids what to avoid

  • Comprehensive education program in schools to include vaccines, diet, exercise, family history, part of curriculum at state and local level

  • We have to educate public that they have to take action when young and healthy so we can cut down on the sheer volume of cancer in the USA


Putting the Patient at the Center of Access and Care:

  • Standard level of care for everyone, everywhere-private, comfortable setting, every team member comes to the patient

  • Giving patients options but educating them so they know the best one

  • Need a life coach through cancer treatment, like a navigator but who handles everything, full-time assistant to coordinate all their appointments, resources, and support

  • Medical debriefing that includes the survivorship plan and what doctors are overseeing what concerns and what long-term side effects one should look out for

  • Access to alternative methods and education around their use by combining eastern and western philosophy


Disparities in Cancer Care:

  • Increase self-advocacy, cannot fix problems we do not know about

  • Diversity in clinical trials-more representation of minority groups

  • Bolster awareness about resources available to all patients and where to find information and options

  • Address rural access, lack of transportation, ancillary care, insurance coverage

  • No advertised care for non-US citizens


Strategies for Integrating Advances in Cancer Treatment into Community Care:

  • Use Big Pharma rep model of having reps call on doctors, but this time educate doctors on new approaches and latest research instead of pushing Big Pharma

  • Single payer system where everyone gets latest in care regardless of financial position

  • Expanding info/access to expanded access and compassionate care

  • Difficult for those of older ages to do telemedicine

  • How to make technology available to all ages for remote access


Recruiting and Training Participants in Clinical Research:

  • Blow up research funding. Come up with new model with built in transparency. Impossible for people to know who to support now with cancer groups raising money for research, big pharma talking about how much it cost to develop new drugs, major hospitals behind a fund raiser every weekend, etc.

  • Mistrust with clinical trials within minority communities

  • Help other cancer patients for the future

  • Misunderstanding on how much research costs and where the money goes

  • Invest in young researchers so they stop leaving profession/country to pursue research









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